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Blue0x | MARKET

The Blue0x Decentralized Global Marketplace

Published January 31, 2021


Blue0x Market is where Blue0x users may buy and sell physical or digital goods and services in exchange for their native Blue0x Currency. Blue0x Market is designed to be run from your local machine and to interact with your locally hosted wallet. This increases overall network decentralization and security.


Being that Blue0x is a new endeavor, there currently is no method of payment with a Blue0x Currency for shipping costs. For this reason, it is encouraged for new users to buy/sell goods and services locally, within their community. You are free to work out shipping with a buyer/seller. However, you will be responsible for payment of shipping costs in your respective fiat currency. Payment for shipping with a Blue0x Currency is a goal that can be realized as the Blue0x Network evolves and the demand for the service increases.